July 26th Trackday

IMG_7286 copyFor the first time, some of our members take the 86 out for a trackday, putting this car to the test for the first time. The weather on that day was warm and humid. The track was pretty dusty and humid as well.

A couple of the 86’es had their transmission and brake fluids swapped for something more genuine. Tire pressures were adjusted and off they went on track.

IMG_7302 copy IMG_7303 copy IMG_7304 copy IMG_7339 copy IMG_7352 copy IMG_7362 copy IMG_7402 copy IMG_7416 copy IMG_7420 copy IMG_7425 copy

The track session did take a toll on some of the cars. Sid experienced a strange rattle sound, perhaps coming from where the aftermarket exhaust pipe that passes between the sway bar; which is an infamous and very tight spot, in the 86.

Kim did push the envelop a bit too hard with his 86, which resulted with a transmission oil leak and scraped brake discs. Luckily, it was a lose filler bolt and a washer replacement for the transmission, nothing more.IMG_7439 copyThe verdict comes as follows: Is the 86 a track worthy car?

The 86 might be low on power but the good chassis compensates, for the lack of oomph, around the corners.

Minor changes might be required as its already determined that the OEM brake fluid is rubbish, even for some heavy spirited driving on the streets. A similar rule applies for the transmission fluid.

In other words, it seems you don’t really need massive aftermarket modifications for the car, rather small and subtle changes will make the 86 a very competent weekend track toy.


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