Subaru BRZ ‘V8’


Underneath the hood of this innocent BRZ is the heart of a demonic Corvette. The work, done by Weapons Grade Performance, involved in squeezing this power-plant into the tiny BRZ is impressive.

wgp-subaru-brz-6 wgp-subaru-brz-4

Fitted with an LS2 V8 engine, the Subaru BRZ by Weapons Grade Performance simply started with the owner of Weapons Grade Performance measuring the engine by of a Subaru BRZ with one key goal; to implant a massive American V8 engine in there. This particular LS2 V8 engine is custom and features components from a selection of different LS-powered V8 muscle cars with the air conditioning condenser for example, coming from the Cadillac CTS-V. wgp-subaru-brz-10

While fitting a V8 into a car as small as the Subaru BRZ may seem like an impossible task, Weapons Grade Performance were able to complete the transplant and then set about upgrading their Subaru BRZ with a selection of other performance-oriented components. Most notably, the Subaru BRZ by Weapons Grade Performance then includes coilover suspension from KW Shocks. wgp-subaru-brz-2Source:



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