Pick(s) of the Day 37, ‘It was Acceptable in the 80s’

The 80s were some exotic times. Especially in the automotive world. It was a digital celebration. Everything started to look like it was drawn with a ruler from wrist watches to cars.

Japanese cars were invading the world and the automobile was being engineered to resemble its present form. Probably, after this era, the evolution of cars has exponentially slowed down.

Regardless the automotive shapes, designs and technology that came out from this era were truly phenomenal. Feast your eyes on some of the these old school Toyotas, they are an impressive job for a young car-maker at the time; if only they still have the will to build something as remarkable as these nowadays. All they got are boring and characterless cars, for now.

068bh5350_Toyota MR2 AW11

123bh5465_Toyota Celica A60

195bh5482_Toyota Celica Supra MkII A60

198bh5676_Toyota Celica Supra MkII A60

Images source: http://japanesenostalgiccar.com


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