The Most Preserved AE86 (SR5) on Earth? With only 55,000 Miles

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 04

This 1984 SR5 is probably one of the most well preserved cars on this planet; besides the AE86 that speed hunters stumbled upon years ago.

Also known as the AE85 in some places, which basically shares the same Corolla GTS platform without the glory of a 4AGE, a 5 speed manual, limited slip differential or rear disc brakes, as far as I recall, so don’t take it as an accurate fact.

The actual drive-train is a, carbureted 1.6 liter, 4A-C mated to an automatic transmission from the stone age.

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 20

The flawless interior came straight out of a time capsule. Seeing the pictures  are enough to give you those nostalgic vibes. You are experiencing something that existed 30 years ago and still looks and perhaps feels exactly the same. Notice the two spoke steering wheel compared to the three spoke one in the GTS.

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 32

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 35

Even the under carriage is flawless!
1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 13

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 18

The 80s level of floppy fit and finish is holding up pretty well. It can only be a dream to see a car like this one survive this well in our climate.

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 21

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 11

This 30 year old Corolla is being auctioned as we speak and the price was sitting somewhere above $3,200 about a week ago. Now, It probably is sold as we speak.

What would be a shame is if somebody picked it up and molested the living soul out of this showroom condition example as what happens to most of those poor hachi rokus or most of those proper rwd Japanese cars. Only a handful of owners keep them in top, OEM, shape.

Such AE86 should retire inside the hall of an air conditioned museum; while a Nintendo Entertainment System, put on a pedestal, is sitting right next to it. Both came from that same era and were released almost exactly at the same time:




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