Hand Engraving for your Ride’s Skin


There are endless debates to whether automobiles can be considered as a form of artistic expression besides being a reflection of their owner’s character.

We just stumbled on this ‘hand engraved’  Honda Civic and it gets you thinking about how far the industry is willing to go on creating and developing new innovations, ideas or trends. This is what you get when tattoo artistry goes hand in hand with auto cosmetics.

What you see here is a state of the art project that was being planned and developed for three years. The work done on this car is a result of 5000+ hours of Dremel patience and talent.

004_Engraved EG_AE Performance


We live in times where, fast paced, cost effective and minimalistic solutions, with little concern for craftsmanship, quality, detail and art, are favored. This creation demonstrates otherwise and it would be nice to see more of those art pieces coming to life.

009_Roof of Engraved EG_SEMA Show 2012


015_ITR Valve Cover_Fully Engraved

Domo did get a piece of the pie:

024_Domo Character Holding Piston_Close Up

Koi fish and dragons are everywhere; Japanese tattoo art is very obvious in this work.

031_Koi Fish_Close Up

033_Dremel Logo_Close Up

035_Koi Fish with Dragon Head on Seibon Carbon Hood

041_Passenger Side Rear Quarter Panel

After seeing the work done on this Civic one truly starts thinking about how carbon fiber material, sticker bombing and exotic paint jobs seem silly and simplistic; compared to what was done here.


Source: 7tune.com


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