Marangoni Toyota GT86 R Eco Explorer

Marangoni Toyota GT86 R Eco Explorer

Orange Tires, runs on ammonia fuel and re-styled by Italians. This is the GT86-R Eco Explorer; what seems to be another take on a guilt free drivers’ car. Though you have to give them credit for making the car a little bit more eye catching; that rear diffuser is doing some justice. Thanks to Afzal for sharing the video.

Marangoni Tyre used the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to reveal its latest creation: the Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer. The tuner finds the GT-86 sports car just perfect from factory, but it wanted to offer it that unmistakable Italian style that transformed the car into something unforgettable.

The new Eco Explorer has been defined as the “quintessence of elegance, fashion and sport, but also environmental-friendliness.” The tuner uses an innovative ammonia fuel technology by Bigas International that delivers “zero emissions.”

Per the tuner, one liter of ammonia costs just 20 cents, and with a full tank, the GT86-R can travel up to 180 kilometers (111 miles). At engine speeds up to 2,800 rpm, the car travels on ammonia only, and at greater speeds, the car switches to direct-injected gasoline.

The car will be offered with a special set of flame-red 19-inch tires called “M-Power EvoRed”. These special tires were developed using the third-generation functionalized polymers that offer a better interaction between silica and polymer. This way the car delivers a class-B rating for rolling resistance and class-A rating for wet braking.



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