The Future of Internal Combustion Engines by Koenigggsssssseggg

One notable reason why car enthusiasts should honor super or hyper car makers is because of their potential to impact the future of automobiles. Koenigsegg is no exception and their efforts to re-master the 100+ year old internal combustion engine for the future seem anything but far fetched.

The concept is built on the idea of utilizing a cam-less valve setup and the usage of oil and air pressure to power the system. Such a system allows for more efficiency, more power, less weight, and far more flexibility or control over the combustion process.

This 10 minute video, by Drive, explains it all in one of their “Inside Koeningsegg” segment:

This concept is not a fresh idea. Other car makers, like Mercedes, have worked on developing such systems in the past but the folks at Koenigsegg seem to have come to an almost very practical conclusion with this setup, as far as we know. Only time will tell how modern engines will start utilizing such technologies on a mainstream scale. It seems like the internal combustion engine will not die for quite a long while.

As a final thought we want to talk about the Lebanese Lykan Hyper Sport, a respectably formidable and outstanding effort for a first time car maker in the region. The Lykan doesn’t bother us, personally, because it lacks any heritage or history; rather to the fact it lacks any references to how it’s engineering and developmental efforts could shape the future of car development and manufacturing, for the least, locally, in the region. The bling bling gold threads and diamond encrusting alone won’t cut it for us. Sorry folks, we just had to say that!


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