5th Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Meet

IMG_5716 copy

Pictures are up for out last event! Once again new faces with more cars. Nice to meet you all and as usual we look forward to see how far you will go in modifying your rides.

Lets just hope a BRZ or an AE86 will show up someday.

Also, keep your eyes peeled; a group buy or a special discount could be arranged for our club in the near future. Plus, we will resume working on the stickers asap.

IMG_5717 copy IMG_5719 copy IMG_5721 copy IMG_5720 copy IMG_5703 copy IMG_5694 copy IMG_5712 copy

IMG_5715 copy IMG_5708 copyIMG_5735 copy IMG_5736 copy IMG_5737 copy IMG_5730 copy IMG_5732 copyIMG_5726 copy


4 thoughts on “5th Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Meet

  1. Hi guys,
    I am interested on getting one.
    However do they still have the CEL issue? or is it already fixed for the new builds?

    • Got the CEL issue but, it was an easy fix. They only replaced the ECU and I assume they are now all fixed form the factory.

      • Thanks for the update!! I guess its a straight forward factory recall that will get replaced through the warranty..

        Apparently, the problem shows up at the first 10-20K so it should keep owners on the safe side!

  2. It seems like only very few people experience this problem.. Perhaps like a couple hundreds worldwide. Even if the problem happens, it is covered by warranty by both toyota and subaru.

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