Jay Leno’s Garage Feature: 1971 Datsun 510 Restomod


Unlike Toyota, Nissan have always been the car maker that was less shy and made bolder more adventurous decisions when it comes to developing performance cars.

They built some of the most iconic Japanese performance cars in history; regardless the fact that some were not commercial successes.

The Datsun 510 was an average sedan that people somehow took for granted at first as it was a class leader at the time. Today, many are valuing and restoring those 510s.

The above pictured one recently featured at Jay Leno’s Garage. Finished in Voodoo Blue (Toyota FJ Cruiser Blue); It was merely a rusting body shell when first brought by its owner, Greg Elliot, who is actually one of the crew working in Jay’s Tonight Show’s.

This is nicely and genuinely built car with beautiful personal touches and finishes that makes it something worth living with, for a lifetime.

Check out the full video about this special 510 from Jay Leno’s Garage; just try to bear his vague sense of humor:

 Image source: Jay Leno’s Garage Facebook Page


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