2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, Part 3


More awesome stuff from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon which features some 100 Toyota 86/ Subaru BRZ finely modified and tuned models. Also thanks to Taichi Tango, our good friend from Japan, for sharing some of the following shots!
Check out Part 2.

537344_465679516823108_856609132_n 602860_465680246823035_1342196952_n 397635_465680450156348_1528102395_n 541783_232013893599885_741964877_n 184537_465669160157477_616646852_n 538510_465670046824055_1753547816_n 25978_465670453490681_170430022_n 46128_465671166823943_2012999168_n 537180_465671470157246_1873855729_n 74926_465671720157221_1234890925_n 73340_465672016823858_2143425839_n 282986_465672310157162_670531004_n 734050_465672560157137_213466064_n 59896_465673253490401_235562657_n 150614_465673653490361_962624477_n 19924_465673880157005_1156334079_n 394795_465674010156992_1486379098_n 603348_465676313490095_1736532643_n 71586_465678206823239_395700498_n


555213_468615513187520_948504650_n 408735_10151642896632907_1979088571_n 2c28383247 ac9744a924


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