Designer Creates Nissan Concept to Rival 86/BRZ

Soon the 86 might find itself desperately cornered as competition will be growing.. Mazda is working on their new MX-5, Alfa Romeo will be building their very own MX-5 based car and Renault teams ups with Caterham to build their very own idea of a BRZ killer.

Mike Enayah an automobile designer, dreamed up a concept car with a Nissan badge, the SSS. He claims that this is message to tell Nissan to get the ball rolling on a reasonably priced sports car sitting below the 370Z.

“I have been struggling to find the perfect car for me to drive as I make a 120mile round trip to work I am looking at the Mustang GT, and the Subaru BRZ (sold also as Scion and Toyota FR-S). I am not too excited about the Mustang’s Gas mileage for my trip, and not too fond of FR’s styling, and by the way the 370Z is way out of my price range.”

“So I decided to start designing my dream commuter hoping that Nissan could get inspired again to bring the SSS back. This car is my rendition of the SSS which I named 010 it is a V6 rear wheel drive I would like it to have a base price around $24,500, 250 HP and 3100 Lb.”

Personally, I am not buying the styling but I agree with message being conveyed.



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