Emarat’s Strip Search Policy

As outrageous as the latest Xpress article about strip searching Emarat’s employees sounds; you just feel powerless when such issues are raised. Subconsciously, you start thinking about whether knowing such news will really make a change; assuming the huge hype will fade away within a month’s time and such a story will merely become part of everyday gossip. Low wage labor, here, have always been claimed to be a form of modern day slavery by society.

Deep below the surface we believe there are similar if not worse acts being practiced and ignored as we speak. Once in a while one of these stories float on to the surface, people make a huge fuss about it and local authorities take the action to raise the bar or wipe the mess.

Corporations, local or global, speak the language of money. Many people claim that they will never visit an Emarat Petrol Station ever, after this incident. How many will actually do so? I don’t know but with enough people perhaps Emarat will feel the sting and understand that their customers value human dignity and rights. Somebody already launched a petition campaign in hopes it will raise the sufficient awareness to draw a line.

As one of the largest suppliers of Petroleum products in the northern UAE, we have a commitment to our customers, society and the environment.

Corporations claiming to value humans doesn’t cut it for many people and we all know that some businesses stand behind a fascia of work ethics, social responsibilities, charities and human rights are a mask covering a likely ugly background in numerous cases. Such signs of our times add up to doubts.

There must be compelling evidence that such behavior is becoming obsolete among industries and even societies. We urge anybody who discovers that a low wage worker is being mistreated to learn more about the situation and expose it.

With regards to the staff that encourage and engage in strip searches for tips or perhaps for the personal pleasure of seeing others demeaned. It would be nice to see them being trailed for a crime, not merely given a slap on the hand.

History is full of examples of how people enforce injustice, indoctrinate lies and justify immorality. Such tactics almost always end up back firing badly on big brother as there is always a tolerance for people’s ability to endure misery and humiliation.

My bet is that if they simply let those poor folks pick some tips and treat them with a little respect; productivity would remarkably increase followed by more profits.

Image source: gulfnews.com


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