Beams Powered 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS

Perhaps one of the cleanest perfectly restored and well preserved Truenos I have ever seen. This one is the US spec AE86 aka the Corolla GTS.

This car is 25 years young and it’s actually nice to see that this one is meant to stay road worthy; many others end up being devolved into mutated into track warriors. This ride is mostly original with exception to a few obvious bits like the BEAMS power-train and a set of Rota wheels.

Also this is another testament to the fact that a constantly driven classic works far better than a well polished trailer queen that never leaves the garage, much like the AE85 Speedhunters once uncovered.

The spec sheet:

  • BEAMS Greytop 3SGE VVti
  • OG Engine Harness
  • OG Custom Motor Mounts using AE86 bushings
  • OG Custom turbo manifold built from old Toyota piping 1 5/8″ Primaries
  • OG Custom 3″ Downpipe
  • OG Custom 3″ exhaust made from Greddy Stock
  • OG Custom Oil feed lines
  • OG Custom Oil pan and pickup
  • Toyota CT20B Ceramic turbo
  • OG Custom BEAMS intake manifold with internal velocity stacks
  • OEM Toyota 70mm Throttle Body
  • HKS Black Limited BOV
  • OG Custom Intercooler Piping
  • Autopwr R32 Intercooler
  • Autopwr AE86 Racing Radiator
Credit goes to for covering and shooting this beautiful piece of machinery.
Oh and Merry Christmas folks!



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