AE86 Reproduction Body Parts


Looks like the Hachi Roku is meant to survive for another couple of decades. Unless tomorrow is end of the world, then the last thing will be an AE86 on my mind; that’s if I will be sober enough to maintain any sense on that day.

Two firms, Wolf Steel Restorations in Quebec Canada and Impulse from Kobe in Japan are stamping and fabricating galvanized steel body pieces for the AE86. From fenders to quarter panels, the quality is pretty impressive. As soon as the production of these parts beings, hachi rokus owners should relax knowing their body shells have the necessary parts survive the decades of track day crashes, rust and the final destination of the junk yard.








2 thoughts on “AE86 Reproduction Body Parts

  1. this is great news, i had come across the wolf steel restoration website 2 weeks ago, the only problem i can see with there quarter panels is there only making the bottom half, say from the window down, they should make them the hole quarter with the top half including the window… but at the same time half a new quarter panel is better than no new panel… i can see most of there buyers will be from over here in ireland, as we have 99% of the uk’s ae86 other known as a gt coupe or nickname a twincam, and we have a massive number of ae86s from japan, with now some of them even coming from austriala…

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