[UPDATED] BRZ and 86 Rough Idle, Chirping Sounds & Engine Stall Issues


It is not surprising to get complaints on the first batch of a fresh newly launched model. Some 86, BRZ and FRS owners are complaining of rough idling and stalling engine problems. Another problem is a strange chirping sound from the mechanical fuel pump located on the engine.

Subaru & Toyota both reported that this is a completely non-mechanical problem rather a software issue that can be fixed with an ECU re-flash.

A few owners even reported that the problem re-emerged, right after the software fix.

Other owners are claiming that this is a mechanical issue which requires the replacement of camshaft bearings, cam gears, actuators, oil control valves and cam position sensors.

Toyobaru did not release an official report of how many cars go affected but it seems a few hundred are suffering from the problem by far.

ft86club.com did launch an official thread to address the issue with complete reports, videos and more threads.

Here are a couple of videos revealing some of the weird issues experienced:

13/12/12 UPDATE:

Recently, an owner of manual Toyota 86 in Dubai, with 1100kms on the odo, experienced the ”CEL” issue and reported the problem to the dealer. Luckily the dealer managed to be be pretty responsive to his situation. The solution is to replace the ECU with a new one and it will require 2 weeks to get the part.


2 thoughts on “[UPDATED] BRZ and 86 Rough Idle, Chirping Sounds & Engine Stall Issues

  1. Hello andrew, I got my car back within 15 days to be exact and the problem seems to be solved. I hope you were given a courtesy car as I was.

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