Nostalgia: 2 Fast 2 Furious 1993 Toyota Supra Restoration


We tell a story that is still taking place ever since, almost, a decade ago. A time in which the Fast n’ Furious fever was spreading like wild fire; engulfing the minds of thousands if not millions of boy racers and ricers worldwide.

We tell the story of the Golden Toyota Supra featured in the bridge ‘jump & crash’ scene at the beginning of 2 Fast 2 Furious:

I just pulled out this CD lying under my bed from 2004, found an image gallery of what seems like the same Supra being rebuilt after an accident and curiosity got the best of me.

Apparently, this gallery (located at the bottom end of this article) once existed on an obsolete website so I assume these photos no longer exist in the online world:

First, we assumed, based on limited information we managed to decipher, that the photos were taken as the car was being rebuilt after the crash from the bridge jump scene as to prepare it for the ‘car stampede scene’ at the end of the movie.

Instead, we were dumb founded, specifically, after reading a comment on one of the pictures mentioning that this car was bought by a 13 year old.

We started doing some research and discover a 2005 excerpt from Super Street about that same Supra:

After filming, the car was sold to Universal studios in an auction. Later, brought to Eddie Paul’s shop, the original builder of the cars for the first FnF movies and got it restored.

This Gold painted 1993 Supra was actually a restyled version of one of the remaining ‘backup cars’ of the same orange Supra Paul Walker drove in the first Fast n Furious movie. Only that the whole thing was repainted and re-modified for the sequel.

This 1993 Supra was bought stock from a car dealership in California by Eddie Paul under contract of Universal Studios to be transformed into the “The Fast and The Furious” Supra driven by Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker). In this movie the car was driven by Brian O’Connor played by Paul Walker. The car was painted orange, with a BOMEX body kit and a high-rise aluminum rear spoiler, custom upholstery done by Stitch Craft with Sparco seats. During Production of the film this car was used for driving, minor jumps, and was the car that had the 70 Dodge Charger flip over it in the ending scene of the movie. Once the Filming of the movie was completed it was shown across the country to promote the movie. The car at that time was sent into storage at Universal Studios Warehouse. When Universal Decided to have a sequel to the movie the car was pulled along with the other returning cars for their transformation into the cars of “2 Fast 2 Furious”. EP industries transformed the car into a full out jump scene stunt car. In this movie the car was driven by Slap Jack played by Michael Ealy. This car is known for the famous bridge stunt scene where Slap Jack’s supra is jumped over by Brian O’Connor’s Skyline. The car lands after the jump and wrecks into a Pepsi billboard. At the end of production Universal Studios had an auction to sell props and background cars from the film through the Auction Company of America. At the auction this car along with the Yenko Camaro that wrecked into the boat were accidentally sold (see pictures of the two cars on the auction floor). The cars were both sold to Pennsylvania and the Supra was then put on eBay. It was then sold to a salvage yard in the Midwest and the current owners bought it from there. It was brought home to Pennsylvania and then shipped out to California for Eddie Paul to do the proper restoration of the car and put it back to the original movie specs by the original builder Eddie Paul. Once completed the car was featured in shows around the United States, published in magazines, and published in the two books written by car builder, Eddie Paul.

Years later, Modified Magazine, in 2009, did a feature about that same Supra. As far as they implied; it merely is a ‘shiny turd’ in automotive terms:

Considering the prominent role played by a Toyota Supra in the first “The Fast and the Furious,” it’s somewhat curious to see one back in the series that isn’t orange and isn’t driven by either Paul Walker or Vin Diesel. The gold Supra in “2F2F” is instead piloted by a character called Slap Jack played by blue-eyed black guy actor Michael Ealy. Why he’s called Slap or why he’s called Jack hasn’t been explained to us, but if he’s doing much slapping or jacking, he ought to stop before he goes blind.

The car did have its share of, structure shattering, abuse during filming. The steering wheel was badly aligned. The tires provided poor if not any grip at all; a necessity, since grip does not look cool in movies. The 2JZ engine, fitted with a GReddy T-88 single turbo, is believed to generate 650 horsepower & 500+ nm of torque but manages to only get the car from 0 to 100 in the mid sixes. What the huge turbo did best was to produce plenty heat causing the transparent Lexan panel on the hood to melt.

Showing 93,200 miles on its odometer, the Supra was a pretty beat used car long before it wound up in the hands of “2F2F’s” transportation department. And it drives like a beat-up Supra. “Straight ahead, the steering wheel is at 90 degrees,” explains Josh after his acceleration runs. “I’m not sure it would be safe in a straight line.” For a 10-year-old car that had had its structure ripped apart by 90,000-plus miles of commuting and creative abuse at the hands of a bunch of movie maniacs who thought of it as disposable, the Supra’s structure was still impressively intact and the untouched six-speed shifted well. This car would work as pretty good raw material for anyone wanting to build a hero machine

Specs of the Car are as follows:

* OZ Super Leggera III Wheels with Toyo Tires
* TRD 3000 GT Body Kit
* Custom See Through TRD Hood by EP Industries
* Custom Roll Cage by EP Industries
* Greddy Full Exhaust System
* Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
* Lumi Needles (Only Supra from the movie that has REAL Lumi needles)
* Master Craft Safety Seat, Harness, and Other Safety Equipment
* JAZ fuel cell
* Oil tank and undercarriage dumping system
* Full underbody Skid Plates
* Safety Plexiglas inner windshield

Today, probably, it is another iconic Hollywood trailer queen being tossed around from owner to owner and occasionally driven to shows or events. It might not retain the glorious status of Eleanor or the Batmobile but shares its very own special history of transformations, purposeful abuse and place among a, recently grown up, generation of car enthusiasts.

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