Exhausts, Part 2 [Turbo & High-Tech Performance Exhaust Guide]


First of all don’t get all caught up by the 800 hp Skyline on the cover of this Turbo magazine.

Earlier we compared the pricing, performance & noise db rating of different aftermarket exhaust setups tested on a Scion FRS. Now we got on the technical side of cat back exhaust systems.

Inside the, pictured above, August 2006 issue of Turbo & High-Tech Performance Magazine was a very interesting Cat back exhaust 101 guide; it is a very nice piece of information to keep in mind whenever the story of exhaust modifications shows up.

Although the article does cover some stuff you may already know; there are quite a handful of valuable mech n’ tech information inside.

Just beware that these scans of the original article will be a ‘scroll-full’ of content.

exhaust 000 exhaust 001a exhaust 001b exhaust 002a exhaust 002b exhaust 002c exhaust 003a exhaust 003b


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