3D Printers & the Auto World

Aston Martin model during assembly

The buzz about 3d printing is growing bigger each & everyday. Its nothing new but it has become noteworthy as the industry is quite growing. We are talking about a future where you potentially can fabricate anything at home with a small desktop plastic factory. Currently, it is possible to personally own & operate one with complete ease.

The latest Bond film, Sky Fall, featured several 1:3 scale Aston Martin DB5 replicas that were used as dummies in a scene where the car gets destroyed. Each replica is built from 18 pieces fabricated by a 3d printer, assembled together and finished with paint & chrome.

The movie studio contracted the services of Augsburg-based 3D printing company Voxeljet to make replicas of the vintage ride. Skipping over the residential-friendly MakerBot Replicator, the company used a beastly industrial VX4000 3D printer to craft three 1:3 scale models of the car with a plot to blow them to smithereens. The 18 piece miniatures were shipped off to Propshop Modelmakers in London to be assembled, painted, chromed and outfitted with fake bullet holes. 

The end result is plain jaw dropping. You just love the sheer precision of these 3d printing machines & their applications are endless.

DNP 3D printer used to produce Skyfall's Aston Martin stunt double

It even gets more awesome:

Earlier this year, Jay Leno demonstrated how far one could go with 3d printing; coupled with state of the art ”3d scanning” technology.

The idea is that you can create exact plastic clones of almost everything, with microscopic precision.

This feature from Jay Leno’s Garage, demonstrates the possibility of building molds for almost any car part that might be impossible to rebuild or acquire via conventional fabrication. Hence tiresome hunting for classic car parts or part fabrication woes might come to an end.

[source: engadget.com]


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