Discovery Gardens' Wasted Ferrari

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Following are photos of what looks like a Ferrari Mondial vandalized, destroyed and left to rust a parking spot at the Discovery Gardens area. We pick this up from member tractorboy; another evolve member claims this ride has been sitting here for some five years!

Such a shame to see a classic car like this one devastated. Apparently, as you see in the photos, the glass and tail lamps were broken into and various parts have been stolen most notably the steering wheel, some rims & the fuel cap. The least that could have been done to this ride, earlier; was for the authorities to tow it away and perhaps sell it on auction. Now it is a scrap car resting in a public parking spot. It could serve as a sort of parts bin for other models being restored perhaps?

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One thought on “Discovery Gardens' Wasted Ferrari

  1. It makes me sad really to see such a nice cars meet the same end as this one… thu it makes a good donor car if you already have one (yet you car restore it, but you will need $$$)

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