China’s “Death to Japan” Riots


Now China and Japan did not have a pleasant history for quite some time. This is not the first time this happens but it did get significant coverage in light of our current economic situation and various political unrest world wide. The latest wave of protests did involve some: ‘destroy everything Japanese’ theme.

As a reminder, most car makers and brands in China are partially owned by the government hence those wreaking havoc to deliver their message of hate towards Japan with a dash of extreme nationalism really did cause harm to their government as much as they did to the Japanese businesses there. Not to mention private property; anybody riding in a Japanese vehicle will need to be very cautious in China!

There is no telling of how this could affect the automobile business in China and the future of Japanese brands on the long run; both are somehow neck deep in relations. Nissan is Japan’s biggest automobile player in China.

On the other hand VW, one of the first international brands to ever enter this market and loved by many Chinese; is aroused by the idea of filling the gap the Japanese might ever leave.

The Chinese government did not do much at first and seemed to turn their heads away from the chaos on the streets; which adds more speculation to the whole equation as far as some sources imply.

Luckily things seem to have calmed down now as far as we’re told by the media. The authorities urged everybody to cut the crap and stop protesting. Production did resume in various Japanese plants and factories as well.




One thought on “China’s “Death to Japan” Riots

  1. all of this because of some islands that only make less than 0.00001% of total area of china??!
    China gov should thanks Japan for making jobs and $$$ in China

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