Honda USA Wants the S2000 Back & Nissan Says: We Don't Care About Mini-Z!


Honda USA is pissed off… Like really pissed off that Honda Motor Company put almost everything that is sporty, racy or Type-R’ish on the shelf.

Now Honda USA is poking Ho-Mo-Co to get the whole sports car thing back together and revive the S2000 or anything close to the S2000. Honda USA is angry about all those Scion FRS & Subaru BRZs selling like hot cakes. They want a piece of the action!

Honda!! Its time to wake up! This cannot be Soichiro Honda’s legacy! Bring back the motorsport heritage!

Honda US stated that they are serious in proposing the development of an S2000 successor for the global automotive market.
Reported by Autoevolution on Wednesday (29/8), the New Honda S2000 is ready to rival theToyota 86-Subaru BRZ.
The step of reviving the S2000 is not only to fulfil consumer needs, but spreading rumours mentioned that Honda US has become quite ‘annoyed’ by the S2000 rivals’ successful debut in its class, such as the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ which were launched to the global market just a few months ago.


Honda Motor Co. said: Yawn!! We are working on getting some stuff sorted for the new Accord, a couple of SUVs here & there and we are really really busy with the new Civic that hopefully wont look as crap as the current one is.


On the other hand we go to Nissan. Andy Palmer, Nissan’s Executive Vice-President in charge of global product planning, says the following:

“We have a sportscar, we have the Z, but we don’t have a small Z coming to market…”

 “We went away from 86 and went down the road of Juke as a conscious decision. Gen Y and definitely Gen Z are less interested in that kind of execution of sportscars. We think Juke Nismo – which we introduced at Le Mans – is a much more profound way of going to market.”


As a matter of fact, the mini-Z project has been shelved 18 months ago in favor of the Juke. I dont know how Nissan fans would view this but I personally don’t like the idea.

Nissan holds a bold performance and sports car heritage but it can be understood that sports cars are not a huge market segment. Perhaps Nissan might not need the hype and explosion that the 86 did for Toyota. They seem to have managed with the GTR and Juke already.

Seeing that the cross-over segment is already over saturated with dozens of models; why wouldn’t Nissan consider invading this segment which is merely filled by the Mx-5 and currently being devoured by the 86 or BRZ?

The harsh reality: sports cars dont bring plenty of money but it is still a heroic move by a car maker to celebrate its performance heritage by maintaining such miniature market segment.

Japanese car enthusiasts’ wet dream was a pony car war between Japan’s automotive giants but it seems like its not going to happen anytime soon but we never know what kind of surprises are being prepared.



One thought on “Honda USA Wants the S2000 Back & Nissan Says: We Don't Care About Mini-Z!

  1. Actually, they need to come back. I really miss the 90s legends. Japanese cars at that era were simple, fun, and all most everyone can buy’em (oh I miss the 280hp limit 😛 )

    but really, nissan did a great effort in sports cars but don’t know why they hesetat to shoot for a new S16? I mean they already got an engine for it (MR16DET) yah it’s not much, but if attached to sub 1,200kg car it would make a good results.
    Honda need to wake up here in middle east, all they care about is selling family cars!

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