Altezza Powered Hachi Roku from Qatar


Mohammed Alnaemi a proper car enthusiast from Qatar is always taking a peek at our community and special thanks for him offering us shots and a biography of his beloved AE 86. He tells us about his long term experiences and adventures with this Altezza powered AE86. He sent me the following email:

Hello Roj, sorry for the late report.
Here is my Altezza powered AE86. I really loved that car so much, and its a blast to drive specially when shifting at 8000 rpm. Too bad its the only AE86 in Qatar (actually I have spotted 6 other corollas, but none were owned by a pasanate drivers) last one I’ve seen was like 6 years ago and owner refused to sell? I got mine since early 2006. I also DD this car 🙂
What made me love this car? no its not initial d or drifting…. I’m just really love japanese sports car which are made from 70s to 90s, but those are really hard to find in a restorable shpae (see what kids nowadays do with such a nice cars in youtube…. many nice JDM cars got scraped for nothing)
When I found this 86, it was in a good shape for its age. No rust, dents, or bad body panels, only a fading body paint and worn clutch. When I bought this car, my best friend was complaining too much “why bother with this old junk” but after I restored it he also fell in love with it too.
When I started restoring this little beast, many people told me to drop an sr20det, rb2x or the el mighty 2jz. But for me, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and not to have problems with evey year inspection/traffice dep. My way is to keep every thing from the mother company and as close as possible to the origenal configeration (ie a car is 4cyl should alwasy stay 4cyl even with new engine swap)
So, what came to my mind was the jdm altezza rs200z. With some luck I was able to import a very clean 2001 toyota alteeza rs200z engine/trans & ecu. I really gave a so many plus’s to my car. It’s still toyota engine, 4 cylinder, heads where made by Yamaha, from 1.6L to 2.0L, 6 speed manual (J160 trans) and fianlly it makes a 210 hp NA style. It was a win win situation for me.
I was slow in my build because of limited income, but what made this project come true is love. I wanted to make this car fast, reliable and easy to maintaine (This is why salaha is happy now, he bought it from me and had zero problems ever since) the build took me almost 2 years to finish. I was enjoying my car from 2008 to 2010 (the year I sold it, due to marriage) during the time I owned my car, I was so happy to start it up in the morning and drive to work. Many people were asking what car is it? some where surprised how fast it was when I push it to the limit.
For 2 years I was living a dream, the car was so easy to drive even when pushed to the limit. AC was cold, no over heating issues..ect. After some time I wanted to make more power NA style too. This is where I started gathering some more parts to hit 270hp just like the TRD altezza rs200z. Too bad I sold the car with almost all the needed parts to hit that goal.
Btw, it was my 2nd project car. My 1st was a 2003 subaru impreza which I bought brand new when I was 17 and this car was the 1st rwd impreza in middle east thanks to zero sport center diff kit. Too bad it was sold too just to source money for my marrage.
Last year I bought a 93 mx5 (still not finished) and few months ago I also bought a 07 sti, and I still want another 86 to restore or at least (my childhood dream car) an R30/R31 skyline coupe. Just wish me good luck finding one. 
Here are some quick specs of the AE86:
  • 01 Toyota Altezza Rs200z engine swap
  • C-One light weight crank pully
  • Home made CAI
  • Buddy Club spec II exhaust (hella loud)
  • TRD ITBs (Not installed*)
  • Apexi 0.5mm metal head gasket (bump CR from 11.5 to 12:1, not installed*)
  • Oem headers
  • 01 Toyota Altezza Rs200 6 speed gearbox
  • OS giken flywheel
  • OS giken super single clutch
  • 01 Toyota Altezza Rs200 oem ecu
  • Buddy club grounding system
  • Tachometers converter (Yes got the oem cluster speedo/rpm working with the Beams 😀 )
  • HKS Fcon Vpro ecu with P&P harnesses (not installed*)
  • Greddy Type S coilovers
  • Prothane full bushing kit
  • T3 NCRCA
  • T3 RCA
  • T3 Steering Knuckles
  • T3 Outer Tie Rods
  • JBlood front bumper
  • JBlood side skirts
  • JBlood rear bumper add ons
  • TRD replica rear wing
  • XXR 15×8 rims wraped with Bridgeston 205/50
  • T3 Tow hook
  • All stock except for the lotus exige shift knob (looked really awesome)
  • Greddy water temp gauge
  • 7″ nameless car dvd (got it for free :P)
  • Cusco 7 point rollcage (not installed yet)
The 86 now is in bahrain, owned by salah (onwer of SMS performance garage) every thing has * on the above list were installed, plus full custome turbo kit. My ex AE86 now makes 330whp at low boost levels.
I wish him good luck with that car.

5 thoughts on “Altezza Powered Hachi Roku from Qatar

  1. Thanks Roj for featuring my car on your blog. I really hope someday more people to appreciate sports cars (especially japanese classic cars).

    I will make another report about my ex impreza too, the mx5, and my current STi (thu the sti will stay stock for 2 to 3 years) 😀

    • I have to admit Japanese classics are on the rise, due to the fact they seem quite budget friendly to rebuild, at least in this part of the world..

      Hey, Its great to have a guy like you here, this piece of writing you did really proves you’re a true enthusiast and we need more serious people to push the local auto communities in the right path..

      Thanks again for the story!

  2. Wonderful car and wonderful build.
    I wish of more people like you, respect the car for what it is, not how fast you could make it. And you are a real hope compared to our Middle-Eastern ricer community – who sadly ruin the Jap cars.

    Kinda scared me of getting married too 😛

  3. i wish i met u when i lived in qatar… unfortunately very few people can understand what you are talking about…. good luck bro

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