Used vs New, Part 1

This is a debate that will never stop happening.

Many of the cars on UAE roads are quite fresh and new. Though if you take a trip away from Dubai and the Capital Abu Dhabi; you start to see a deviation of older cars averaging between 7-10 years.

Sure cars are dirt cheap here, some use and dispose them like paper cups. Keeping a well maintained, car in its mid life can serve you well without having to spend plenty of $$$$ (no bank loans, cheaper insurance, 3rd party mechanics cost less than dealership maintenance, etc) but it might be no match to a fresh brand new ride (no maintenance responsibilities, flawless ride, peace of mind, etc).

Ok, well lets say you got two options to chose from; you found a used car you really liked and would favor spending the money on it rather than dropping a down payment on a less interesting but brand new model you found at a dealership? Example:

Should you get a well maintained used G35 for AED 70,000?

Or a New Genesis Coupe for AED 123000?

Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Front Angle, 2013, 800x600, 1 of 58

We are going to tell the in depth story of how life would be with two used cars, that reached mid-life, to figure out if used vs new do balance out each others’ pros & cons. The best part is we owned these two cars for more than three years to tell the story.

Stay tuned.


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