Mazda: the Rotary Engine is Not Dead, Yet.

Moscow motor show: Mazda commits to rotary

With the death of the Rx-8, the chapter of Mazda’s rotary engine heritage was considered over. We were never that familiar with rotary engines in this part of the world. Even most of the grey import Rx-7s had their engines swapped with 2jz’s & Sr20’s or relevant.

Now Mazda announces that the rotary engine might return as a range extender for battery powered vehicles. Yes, thinking green will pave the way into the future; the car maker fit to best tamper with green technology will most likely survive.

“We are still learning,” he said. “the rotary has very good dynamic performance, but if you accelerate and brake a lot there are efficiency disadvantages. The range extender overcomes that. We can keep it spinning at it’s most efficient 2000rpm while also taking advantage of it’s size.”

Mazda has previously explored petrol and hydrogen driven range extended motors.

Yamanouchi also revealed that research into future uses of rotary engines would continue so long as he worked at Mazda.

Yamanouchi revealed that the next-generation rotary car would be a plug-in vehicle that would only be available for lease in Japan. Regarding the rotary’s use, Yamanouchi said.


[source: TTAC, Autocar]

One thought on “Mazda: the Rotary Engine is Not Dead, Yet.

  1. It’s sad that there might not be another sports car with a Wankel engine powering it in the foreseeable future. It was such an awesome-sounding engine, and could have made for a fantastic power source for a Mazda competitor to the Lotus Elise.

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