The AE86 with 48 Original Kms Only

This story was released a year ago on speedhunters, credit goes to our buddy Sam, for bringing it back. I could not resist not posting it here.

We are talking about a car resting in a garage for a quarter of a century, barely driven and It makes you wonder if the owner actually anticipated this machine will gain a cult like status in the future. The body and interior are in super top condition; even the factory plastics are still not removed. The owner does what it takes to keep it in running shape.

I am trying to discover if anything recent happened to the car; most likely it is still hibernating in the garage.

The interior was pristine. The factory plastic was kept on everything from the seats to the sun visors. It was even left hand drive.

Behold! 48 original kilometers. The owner would have killed me if I reset the trip meter by accident.

Apparently the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, drove this hachi-roku from the dealership to his house and left it in his basement for the past 25 years.

After all these years this car still had the new car smell. It smelled like Japan from the eighties.

The owner drained all the fuel from the gas tank so the fuel lines would not get all gummed up.

Every now and then he turns the motor over with a wrench just to keep everything nice and oiled.

He removed the battery too.

The tires are original of course. They still had the tire mold prickly’s on them too.

It turns out this is a European model Corolla Sport Coupe GT.

The fixed headlights, the deleted spoiler and the unpainted bumpers make it look like a Japanese AE85.

These mud guards are clean enough to eat off of. The owner had no idea we were coming. This car is always this clean.

Notice the sticker? This car has an OEM clutch type LSD that you could get as an option in the USA. I am guessing the rear end is a 4:3:1 ratio just like our GTS versions too.


6 thoughts on “The AE86 with 48 Original Kms Only

  1. Title is wrong. This isn’t a ae85 but it’s a genuine ae86. Don’t let the levin front fool you. Most european corolla gt came with levin front, 4age engine, disc brakes all around and lsd.

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