Formula E. E for Electric!

Bluebird GTL Formula E racing car concept

In Brief, Formula E is an electric car racing series launched by the FIA. Times are changing and with cars like the Nissan Leaf being sold to the masses, it is now obvious that electric cars are pioneers that will shape the future of the automotive world. Such venture will accelerate R&D on electrical cars. As far as we understood the championship is taking pace in 2014. It will be probably be the most silent motor race in history and as far as sources confirmed, they will be swapping cars rather than tires at the pit stop.

Recently this press release from

FIA Formula E ChampionshipPowered by electric energy
The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has reached an agreement to licence the commercial rights of the FIA Formula E Championship to a Consortium of international investors.



Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring Formula cars powered exclusively by electric energy. It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades.


The new promoter, the consortium Formula E Holdings Ltd (FEH) has as anchor investor London based entrepreneur
Enrique Bañuelos. Former MEP and racing team owner Alejandro Agag, with long experience in the motor sport business, will be the CEO of FEH, as well as shareholder of the company. Also associated with the project are Lord Drayson, Managing Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies, and Eric Barbaroux, Chairman of the French electric automotive company “Electric Formula”.


Demonstrations of the Formula E cars will start in 2013, followed by the first race in 2014. 10 teams and 20 drivers
will participate in the competition. The races will be ideally staged in the heart of the world’s leading cities, around their
main landmarks.

This whole venture might sound awkward but it does pave a way to a different and unconventional future in cars. Electric cars are silent and do not hold any moving parts; plus their batteries drain in no time on track.

It might be awkward at the first time but so was flying back in the days. We might not like to drive a vehicle that has no audible engine but its not bad for a change.


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