Nostalgia: Lexus SC300/ Toyota Soarer

This car gained much more appeal after its production ended because of the tuning scene. Some regard it as a poor man’s Toyota Supra.

This was the first ever coupe from Lexus and it was aimed at cars like the Mercedes SL. The SC did manage an average success with sales figures reaching above 100,000 units in the US, according to some sources. Though the car was appreciated more as it aged and tuners soon started to swarm around it.

The most favored model is the SC300 equipped with the 2JZ-GE, the non-turbo version of the Supra’s 2JZ-GTE and the Twin Turbo 1JZ right hand drive sibling, sold as the Toyota Soarer.

But let’s forget for a while about how the tuning world got this car into its cult status and analyze this SC in stock shape. The vehicle is genuine piece of engineering. The solid drive trains with the indestructible straight six JZ family engines and the 4.0 V8 soak up miles like its nothing. These are just some of the best engines ever built by Toyota. Even now the SC maintains a lot of value and many examples are being sold sitting somewhere at the 150,000-200,000 mile mark. One of the most interesting features about the SC/Soarer are those sizable door hinges which is a common topic among SC lovers and its something you only expect to see in robust premium German machinery. This is another sign Toyota wanted to impress everybody with this car back in the days; it was built to last.

Design wise, the SC is not the prettiest out there though it does exhibit a strong character and is a good candidate for stance lovers. The side profile, long wheel base and long hood are just beautiful and timeless features.

The interior not the most spacious even by the standards of that time; though the quality and fit of the insides is impressive with plenty of padded surfaces, some thick bone hard plastics and genuine wood trim.

It’s a nice piece of the past to own and it sure commemorates the birth of the Lexus brand as much as the LS did. This car will continue to have plenty of demand and the prices are still standing high.. Expect a clean automatic Lexus SC to sell an average of somewhere between AED15,000 to 30,000. That is if you can find people willing to sell it away. I would ever want to buy one which I am thinking of, I would hunt for a rare Manual SC300.


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