2012 Suhoor Drive to Jebel Hafeet

Several members from prominent motor communities in the UAE tag along for a drive to Jebel Hafeet. We decided to join the action. We meet up with the convoy in Dubai and head out at 11pm towards Al Ain. Weather was extremely humid but things started getting pleasant once we started climbing Jebel Hafeet. After a long hot and dull summer, motoring activities are back in action to mark the fading end of summer in the UAE. We were in a rush and unfortunately had to miss out some of the gorgeous scenery of Al Ain City from Jebel Hafeet’s peak. Enjoy the photos of those premium German machinery.


One thought on “2012 Suhoor Drive to Jebel Hafeet

  1. Hi Roj!

    Many thanks for joining us for the drive and sharing these awesome pictures with us.

    You might want to correct your blog, there was no member of the BMW Club UAE in the drive that I am aware of.

    Most of the people were from Mercedes Club UAE and Evolve Motor Club.

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