UAE's First Turbocharged 86

Yesterday night, I meet Mohammed a guy that introduced me to two brand new pearl white 86. He asks me to meet him at his place and as soon as I walked in I saw an 80’s Alfa Romeo Spyder, a Porsche 930, an Alfa Romeo Junior, a VW Golf touring car along with two brand new pearl white Toyota 86’s. Seeing such a collection of raw driving machines; you immediately understand the guy is a hardcore car enthusiast.

One of the 86 cars belongs to him while the other is that of a friend that pushed the envelop and dropped a turbo on its FA20 engine.

This turbo kit is smartly done to function well with the FA20 engine, meet a budget and reliably function with UAE’s hot climate. For now, we give you a peek about the kit’s layout as it is still work-in-progress and hopefully within a couple of months, as soon as the heat is gone, it will be ready.

The whole system is built to be as compact as possible as to fit well in the already tight engine bay of the 86. The setup includes water to air inter-cooler (black box next to the cone filter) which works real well for our climate conditions.

Turbo-charger is oil-less allowing for this compact setup; there is no space to squeeze an oil cooler in that area, from the first place.

Tuned and optimized to accommodate the new turbo system; the FA20’s direct and point injectors make room for easy adjustments. The engine’s internals are not touched and the 12:1 compression ratio remains the same; which is okay for what seems like a small turbo, low psi setup.

The exhaust system is almost completely replaced. A new exhaust manifold accommodates the turbo and a straight pipe goes all the way until you reach the OEM muffler in the back which was left untouched to avoid any conflict with the cops.

With regards to performance figures, fuel economy and long term reliability; we cannot tell you yet. The whole setup still needs around two to three months of fine tuning to get it perfectly done. Though the guys who worked on it seem very optimistic about the FA20 and its tuning potential.

Comparing this setup to Accelerated Performance’s work, it does, for the least, involve less complexity, especially in the plumbing department.


8 thoughts on “UAE's First Turbocharged 86

    • I am waiting for they guys to send the car for tuning work in the garage soon.. During that day we might know how much power it gives out and if there will be any drawbacks… Stay tuned..

  1. A turbo kit is exactly what this car needed !!! so anything new, price ? performance? also if you install this kit and go to register your car, will that be ok ? Coz i heard that its against the law to install a turbocharger on any car !!!!

    • Nothing new yet.. The car is still being tested and tuned… So far we saw a gain of some 50-60 extra wheel horsepower gains for now.. The kit runs on a water of air setup, a small Comp triple bearing turbo kit and a stock catback exhaust system.. Once I get any new updates about it, I will be posting it up..

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