Initial D anime to get Reboot

I was never interested in Japanese anime, it just never attracted me. One day, I decided to watch Initial D. I started with checking out footage of it on youtube. The anime featured that panda schemed AE86 going tandem drifting with more powerful Japanese Icons while ridiculous rave and rock music are playing in the background.

The whole action felt like it played 1.5 times slower, which was somehow awkward.

The anime features some interesting trivia, stories, etc about the drift world & culture. Though it was the AE86 that captivates you due to the fact it is the underdog of the series. Ideas ran inside my high-school college student head like: ‘Sh*t!! its a cheap car! I can afford it and do lots of drifting and serious driving with it!! I wont have to kill myself saving up for a 350Z or a Mustang!! No!! I wanna do it myself and I want to start from scratch! Growing step by step and modifying my ride as required!!!’

15 minutes later, you close that Youtube window and wonder about the fact not a single anime junkie, I know of, is aware of this series..

Initial D did the AE86 a favor by making popular in other parts of the world where people are not that familiar with the car, like here the middle east. Most of the AE86s in the region arrived during the 80s are left to rust to the ground in some scrap yard.

Initial D Fifth Stage, will be launching during November 2012. It will feature faster more exciting animations as far they confirmed.

One thought on “Initial D anime to get Reboot

  1. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! Initial D is coming back! woooohooooo!

    saw this like in 2008 and since then saw it like 5 times again and again and can never get enough of it! heck i play some of stage 4’s “tougue” tracks when i do “spirited” driving. heck it catapulted me into drifting; started watching forumla d and d1 gp, this (and “rhys millen” :D) made me get a genesis coupe so i can start sliding!

    i can’t beleive its not famous in these parts of the world (GCC) but its a life changer for many all over the world! current D1 and FD drifters state online that they started the career after getting hooked up from this! heck it changed MY life!

    now am already saving up for a white 1986 AE86 Treuno APEX from japan, and NO i will NOT drift/drive it, will keep it as a souvenir!

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