Fuji 86 Style 2012

The third edition of Fuji 86 Style was held at the Fuji International Speedway, on August 5th. 5,500 people participated, including 86 vehicle owners and fans. 86 owner’s Driving Parade including up to 150 vehicles were held with Keiichi Tsuchiya leading the show. Automotive and motorsport Icons like chief engineer Tetsuya Tada and Masahiko Kageyama have taken part as well.

Ever since the FT-86 concept have been released; for the past three to four years, lots of festivals, ‘Matsuris’ & events have been held to commemorate the classic hachi roku and pave the way for its successor the 86. Apparently another intangible service offered by Toyota & Subaru to their enthusiastic buyers of the 86/BRZ. Can’t wait for the summer to cool off; seriously starving to see automotive festivals of such scale.

Here is some exclusive coverage from various online sources for the 86 day:

[photos credit: Volks1470]

Some video footage from last year’s 86 day:


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