Fuel Economics

Fuel economy has become a vital standard car-makers cannot ignore nowadays, insane fuel prices dictate. Those brainwashed tree-hugging green-thinking environmentalist queers just won their end of the argument and must be very happy.

It is of no surprise that the 86 & BRZ came equipped with, modern diesel like tech, direct injection technology. D.I. is great but there was a restriction during the process which is the OEM power output, restricted to 200 horsepower. Several car enthusiasts and journalists, alike, believed that the engine stopped at 200 Hp for the obvious reason of scoring fuel economy figures, which is true.

I even made a veteran Porsche enthusiast drive the 86 to get his impression as a person that owned and lived with numerous models from the pioneer of driver cars; he loved the nimbleness and handling of the car and thought the engine gave the power output of a small V6 but still complained that there could be a little more oomph that could give a final polish to the whole formula of the 86. Later on, noted that a chip tune is a logical choice to ditch some fuel economy figure and replace them with at least 20 horsepower to maintain a better power band.

Evo magazine did a fuel economy test, a growing habit among car enthusiasts nowadays, with a manual BRZ. They did a couple of runs and the first result came after trashing the car which resulted in a 31mpg (7.6 L/ 100km), nice. The second run was a very gentle drive managing a 39 mpg (6.1 L/ 100km), 1 unit below the industry’s popular ”40mpg” mark.

I doubt we can manage such score here with the Air Con switched on most of the time, hot summers and low fuel quality. As much as it sounds good or bad, depending on how you look at it; it still was a necessary sacrifice in horsepower to get the car rolling into markets where fuel is an equivalent of cocaine.

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