Subaru BRZ "Zero" Rally Car

The huge promotion and hype behind the 86, makes room for promoting anything as the side dish and the typical side dish is the show sport of drifting. Though Subaru, kept it a bit more subtle and mature with the BRZ and of course could not runaway from their rallying heritage.

The “Zero” BRZ, is obviously, a Zero Car or a starter car to open the race course for the competition cars. I would say it is a nice way to market the model without making whistles  and explosions of the whole ‘boom! drifting gets you laid!’ hype.

The BRZ/86’s chassis is a solid one, well balanced like a mid-engine car and suitable for several motorsport applications, whether is it drifting, endurance racing or rallying.

Thumbs up for this subtle and neat marketing effort from Subie. This is how we like to view our sport car as fans.

One a side note, related to the first paragraph of this post, hopefully some more interest in rallying grows back again, if it is to be served as a side dish with all the 86 & BRZ hype.


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