Pikes Peak Warrior, 1991 Acura NSX

Sometimes the most beautiful creations in this world actually look ugly, that truly emphasize the term: beauty is skin deep or whatever those lotion & creme ads always mention.


Though the beauty of this Pikes Peak beast comes from this emphasis on function above all kinds of form; something of a turn on for many enthusiasts.

The spartan character of this ’91 NSX just keeps you from not staring, who doesn’t like primitive machines like this one? This entire custom carbon fiber composite areo spoiler/fender crown bit mounted in the front. The mega composite spoiler mated to the flip-up trunk and those 1/2 wheel arches with the wheels exposed from the back.

I rarely follow Pikes Peak, although the caliber of unusual machinery that participate in the event get my curiosity rolling. This, twin turbo 850hp (click on that link), NSX will be participating in Pikes Peak during mid August and it brings me flashbacks of those Group B rally cars, our generation never really got the time to truly comprehend and cherish.

Here is the car with the space frame skeleton, stripped off from all of the composite flesh.

[source: various automotive blogs & sites]

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