Work to Proceed on Toyota Supra Successor

In 2007, Toyota released a concept hybrid sports car, the FT-HS, claimed to be a Toyota Supra Successor (picture above). In 2008, the economic recession hit and Toyota pulled the plug on this concept. Now there are plans being setup, since May this year, to get back to working on this car.

With such news being announced we start to get a bigger picture of what is cooking in the background. Apparently, the twin charged Gazoo Racing GRMN sports FR has a specific reason to exist. It will take part of the development of the future Supra successor; I might be used as a base car during its development.

The Supra successor is not going to be called ”Supra” as it is a whole different animal. This one will feature all wheel drive, hybrid drive, a CVT transmission & a 3.5 v6 mid-engine layout. Sounds eff’in lame right? The engine powers the rear wheels while electric motors power the front and the target power output is 400 horsepower.

So far this formula sounds too green for our liking. There are lots of angry and mixed opinions about such a move. Especially from current Toyota Supra lovers & owners that have been living on the crude orgasmic engine note of a turbocharged straight 6 2JZ.

I would like to put faith that Akio Toyota, as a hard-core enthusiast & racing driver himself, did not forget that and would be keeping a sharp eye on this project’s development. Hopefully this will be something that won’t let us down as Akio did show up as a hero and sports car savoir with his 86 & BRZ.

Perhaps we should be a little bit tolerant with some of the fuel economy & green equipment such as a hybrid drive but I hope that the car will be more of a ”mechanical” experience like the 86 & BRZ rather than a green robot.

The project is not yet given a green light by Toyota bosses but if it does then expect its arrival within 2015 with a price tag of some $60000.

Toyota Supra Rendering Front View  photo


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