From Russia with Accidents

This is another viral compilation of unfortunate events that happened to Russian people & Russian Vehicles.

Starting with this video from Jalopnik where a Russain reporter gets slammed by a drift car as he was facing the camera with some drifting action going in the background.

A Lada hatchback ejects its bonnet towards an approaching car. Scary and pretty dangerous having a projectile weighting some 50kg flying around a highway with fast traffic.

Below video involves an overtaking vehicle crashing into a bus. This is one crazy crash & a valuable lesson to for drivers to keep an eye on other drivers screwing up.

Finally, this one is disturbing as you get to see a full size bus, for some reason smacking the side of a Mercedes in the opposite lane. There was some injuries and definitely shock to the passengers of that Mercedes.

Sometimes you assume they got in-car cameras setup on their dashboards as if they are expecting to witness some action. Lets just hope nobody was seriously injured or killed during these incidents.


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