Subaru BRZ does 147 mph (237 kn/h) Auto Bahn

Just picked this video from carscoop of what seems like a top range manual Subaru BRZ being driven at full speed on the autobahn.

Overall, you get a glimpse of lots of different things in this video. There are a lot more beeps and boops once you start the car; I am not sure if this is coming from the head unit with an LCD screen or something that has to do with euro spec BRZs.

It gives you a glimpse about how the engine behaves as it gets heavily revved inorder to squeeze out most of the power out of it.

It is a rev happy unit but you dont feel this kind of strain or a kind of stutter you get in other hi-rev engines. It is smooth and the power band is consistent on mid to high range rpms; one main reason is the fact it is a boxer layout.


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