Watanabes on an 86

Earlier, I posted on the facebook page an 86 fitted with Watanabe RS wheels & faux carbon fiber livery. This blog post is in response to our fan “Miguel”.

The Watanabe RS is has a timeless design and sure looks beautiful on many Japanese cars.

I just went to the Watanabe Japan website and they got a set of specifically built for the 86 & BRZ.

Sizes are as follows:

16″ x 7″ , 16″ x 7.5″ , 16″ x 8 , 17″ x 7″ , 17″ x 7.5″ & 17″ x 8″

Though I will need to dig out the prices as its hard to get this translated from their page.

Plus now its obvious that the hideous 16″ stock alloys are styled to resemble the Watanabe RS somehow.

トヨタ  86   グレード:GT   2012年式   型式:DBA-ZN6


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