Carbon Revolution CR9, World’s First Carbon Fiber Wheel

Carbon Fiber is the material of the decade, as much as fiber glass was revolutionary in the mid 20th century with the Corvette being the first automobile made of a FG body back in those days.

It would be of no surprise if carbon fiber, in the near future, will become used in far wider applications and become more affordable. There are lots of businesses and industries that are experimenting with the material & this is the latest wild creation in the automobile segment by far:

The CR-9 is the world’s first one piece carbon fiber wheel by Australian firm Carbon Revolution. This is not like those wheels with a fake CF look you saw before, this is the real deal; with it weighing 40-50% less than OEM aluminium wheels and being extremely rigid.

The wheel has been praised for its phenomenal performance; super lightweight meant freeing up more horse power, a vast improvement in fuel economy and notably better braking & handling.

It took seven years to develop such a wheel and it would only prove that carbon fiber composites will shape the future far more than what fiber glass ever did in the previous century.


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