TMG, Toyota's 'AMG'

TMG (Toyota Motorsport Gmbh), more like Toyota’s version of AMG, is the upcoming performance sub-brand from the car maker that offers sportier variants of existing Lexus and Toyota models. TMG is based in Cologne, Germany in Toyota’s former Formula One performance facility.

Akio Toyoda, a proper car and racing enthusiast himself, is really flexing his decision making muscle with such a move. It is not unusual to see him push the envelope beyond the Lexus LFA, ISF & Toyota 86.

The move behind TMG is a just one as it would keep their Cologne Hi-tech facility busy and operational. Expect to be seeing performance packages for several models such as the Lexus LS, they were testing at the Nurburgring, and this WRC preppred Toyota Yaris. Toyota seems to be putting this whole resurrection of the sports car and performance heritage, after almost a decade of absolutely boring cars, into overdrive & the fact they pulled out of the F1 since 2009.

[source: Car Advice]

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