2JZ in an 86

As soon as the news about the Toyota 86 broke out, Toyota fan-boys from around the globe started yelling ‘2JZ swap!’ all over the place! It all started with online news about an 86 being prepared for a 2JZ transplant right before the car was launched into the market, still no major news about this project but it’s worth looking into.

Like we previously mentioned the 86 is no Toyota Supra, rather stands as an entry model sports car, right next to the MX-5 and S2000 but due to the huge hype about it being a car that can be modified and tuned to cater to the needs of its driver there had to be something wild once in a while.

Now I would doubt we will see an 86 with a 2JZ on the streets. Just bear in mind the car is formulated to have a 4 cylinder boxer engine dropped in this tight engine bay and anything larger/taller or higher could change the driving dynamics of the car, if not pose as a serious crash safety hazard because of a long straight six 2JZ engine sitting in the front.

Why 2JZ? Well obviously with a history of it being used as a base for thousands of project cars and race applications makes it probably one of the best toughest engines Toyota ever built?? The Supra’s heart, you can call it, is a bulletproof unit and can be tuned to go beyond 1000 horse-powers at some occasions. The engine’ note is just melodic out of a 2JZ, specifically those with single turbo setups.


How to fit a 2JZ into an 86? It is definitely as hell not a straight drop. The 2JZ is slid with its transmission right into the 86’s completely fleshed out engine bay. This whole 2JZ lump is probably like 15-20% larger in volume than the stock engine and transmission of the 86. Engine mounts and a drive-shaft will need to be fabricated leaving you with nothing more than the pretty body shell of an 86. The most popular 2JZ project so far is Speed Hunters’ 86-X drift car besides the Uras 86 which there isnt much news about lately.

I assume the most compatible drop into the 86 is the V8 engine from the ISF since the automatic gearbox is sourced from the same car and D1GP Max Orido’s 86 is the only one so far with such a swap. Also, this Cosworth unit which apparently was used to power the 600hp Greddy Scion FRS drift car.

Well I am still waiting to see what kind of performance modifications we can use on the stock FA20 engine; still no news about forced induction but the best bet to get power out of it is an aftermarket exhaust and chip tuning.

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