Totaled Scion FRS

This is a clear message for those super excited about this car or any rear wheel drive vehicle in general. The RWD layout has the tendency to kick its tail. Even though the Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ 2.0 engine is not the most powerful engine to send power to the rear tires; there is still enough to send the tail wiggling sideways once you floor the gas pedal. RWD is a whole different experience compared to the friendlier, more gripper & predictable front wheel drive most of the UAE population is used to.

As a current generation car enthusiast and as I grew up; I started to see how our generation is blinded from the true value of cars and driving in general. Especially here in the UAE. We are living a place where automatic transmissions dominate, cars are replaced as often as a pair of shoes and we just simply watched too much Fast n’ Furious, enough raise hoards of boy racers and ricers. A bonus would be that the driving experience has been dumb’ed down in cars of this decade to the extent we lost all connection between the driver and the road; from a sales, environment and safety viewpoint such changes in automobile technology are justified. Regardless how they effect the true essence of a car, specifically a sports car.

The current owner of this Scion FRS have been driving FWD cars for quite a long time and he humbly admits his mistake of switching off stability and traction control to try pushing the car on the road. Assuming it would react the same way as a FWD on a corner; was one mistake. Messing with the car you don’t really understand is also another mistake. Nobody was hurt and the driver understood and openly admits he shouldn’t have pushed the car.

Just keep an eye out for any Scion FRS with a pearl white color being sold in the coming few months at any of our local dealers. This car is considered totalled but you never know who would export it from the US, fix it up and sell it (*cough* *abu shagara*).


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