2012 Motoring Middle East 6th Meet, Part 2

During this MME we had a couple of celebrities aboard such as local drift star Ahmad Alamiri and organizer of Drift UAE Mohammed Alfalasi; along with Rob Bryan from the Automobile & Touring Club UAE. and Jack Rodencal from Chrysler Middle East.

We were taken to a small auditorium where these four gentlemen discussed really vital matters related to the future of motor-sports and modified cars in the UAE. Matters such as how the media makes modified cars and car enthusiasts look like they pose a danger on society and the lack of communication among enthusiasts & authorities.

Mohammed Alfalasi announced the upcoming opening of ProDrfit, drift academy in the UAE; being the first drifting school in the region. Barrel Sprint Competition, Drifting and The Chase Street Festival will be taking a more vital role as outstanding events in the region. The upcoming season after summer should prove to be very interested and busy.

Ahmad Alamiri was present to discuss drifting and inspire any potential talent to venture into the sport. Along with providing advice about what it takes to build a drift car in order to compete. Personally, he informed us that he is grateful that motorsport in the UAE has been saved from a very close death.

Rob Bryan, from ATC, did announce some very interesting news. Besides the latest buzz about RTA announcing classic car registration in Dubai; we were told that rules and regulations for modified cars are being written as we speak. Yes there will be a standard to follow for modifying cars as soon as such laws are passed. Hopefully this lack of communication finally comes to an end.

Jack Rodencal from Chrysler was there to introduce the new SRT range, future products and the fact that the dealer will offer V8 engine swap kits to any of the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles.

The news we heard during this session did sound musical to our ears. We almost lost hope and gave up on the motoring scene in the UAE but hopefully there is a huge chapter of action waiting for us very soon during next season and in the coming years. (Time to write down a mods list for my next ride).


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