2012 Motoring Middle East 6th Meet, Part 1

This Month’s Motoring Middle East had a very different flavor; with a selection of new cars, attendance from various motoring communities and authorities from the region along with representatives from dealerships being present at the venue.

It all started with meeting up with a convoy of JDM only cars from UAEboost and there was a special surprise over there.

As one of the guys brought a Honda CRZ Hybrid, probably the only one in the region and it does look much better in real life than the photos.

Later on the UB people drove from festival city to the Pavillion at Downtown Burj where the meet is taking place where there was already plenty of surprises waiting for us. A nicely restored ’59 Cadillac El dorado was parked right next to the actual Red Toyota Hilux that James May and Jeremy Clarkson drove in the North Pole. Besides all the other rare and awesome stuff.

These are some of the rides that attended the event. More stories part 2 as we had a couple of local motor-sport celebrities and a Q&A session at the venue. We heard some positive news that might bring the ban on modified cars to an end and about the future of motorsports in the region.


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