Toyota 86: Top vs Base Model Interiors

Photobucket The top range 86 does have a more cheerful interior compared to the base manual model being offered in the UAE. The basic manual does not come with the leather seats, key-less ignition, colorful gauge cluster, digital speedometer, frame-less rear view mirror or dual zone a/c with the fancy switches, to name a few.

You can spot the differences between the two in the below photos and I have to say there is not much of a massive change.

The curiosity starts when you take a look at the top range interior pictured below, bathed with red leather. This interior is offered in perhaps all markets except ours and you can notice that the insides of the top range 86, in our previous review, being offered here are different. The top range model sold in the UAE comes with black-orange leather seats and lacks any themes similar to the one in the below picture. The question is how come and where did these seats come from?

Other real awkward bits are the lack of a central arm rest, dull base model gauge cluster and the abundance of hard plastics in the interior which could put off the average car buyer but we know that this car is not built for the Average Joe.

Nevertheless, the 86 interior’s ultimate strengths are far less tangible matters such as those supportive seats and the perfect driving position.

Personally, I can tolerate the cost cutting involved in the 86, that reaches utilitarian extents, because that all the money is definitely thrown on such a good chassis but I would not fancy the idea of dumping AED 125K on the 86.

Later I discover that my argument failed miserably seeing that plenty of folks did actually purchase the top range model as much as people bought the base model.

One thing we can all agree on, it drives like an awesome, giant go-kart.

Toyota 86 Interior (3b)


4 thoughts on “Toyota 86: Top vs Base Model Interiors

  1. I was amazed when they launched it that there is an Automatic option which killed the buzz for me.. and dont get me started on the interior. if I would ever buy this car it would only be a fully loaded one but manual. which is just a dream ill have in the UAE.

    • I think they are taking special orders for top range manuals.. Though I would rather wait for the current buyers to receive their cars as the waiting list in long. As far as I checked there are 24 orders done around the launch day.. I would say I was happy with the automatic in everyday driving but the manual would be a more exciting experience..

  2. If you want a full spec manual go for the Subaru BRZ. Just today they got a full spec auto in the showroom, Im getting my full spec manual BRZ coming in February 2013, IMO the silver panels on the BRZ interior looks better then the 86’s fake carbon fiber and even the front end of the BRZ has grown on me.

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