Cusco 86 in Rally Action

The Toyota Corolla AE86 have been used as a rally car for a limited period of time; not to mention the legendary Celica GT4 in African rallies. Now the new Toyota 86, apparently, is trying to continue the spirit and is back officially to rallying. This is the finished product we got teased for during the past few months. Its a good example of how flexible this rear wheel drive platform can be. I am not yet sure how far will they with this car and where would it be in the future but you can see that its getting nastily violated in the video.

Which reminds me of his video that has been circulating around the net for a very long time. The last generation of the AE86 corolla participating in the grueling Paris Dakar Rally of 1986.

 (courtesy of


One thought on “Cusco 86 in Rally Action

  1. Yes, the newer Z4 that’s what I was thinking of. Just saw an alitcre in Car and Driver about the new Subaru sports car, which apparently was mostly engineered by Subaru and styled by Toyota (or so claim the project managers at Subaru). They were able to do a test drive, but were unable to take pics of the finished product. The initial reviews were very favorable, with special mention of an excellent chassis and almost neutral feel and weight distribution, and I look forward to seeing more on this car in the future.

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