Toyota 86 Launch at Yas Marina Circuit, Part 2 (The specs & TRD)

I gave you an idea in the first post about how the car drives on track and dont get me wrong its a go anywhere car; can still enjoy it even when driving on the roads. Doing some 80 km/h feels almost like 120-140 km/h. With all honesty the driving experience was so engaging that the only things I was paying attention to were the track and the RPMs.

Also the boxer engine sounds noisy inside the car when the revs build up on mid-top range and this is done on purpose. There is a pipe accessory, known as the Noise Generator, drawn from the air intake intake right into the car’s interior allowing the engine’s note to become significantly audible inside the cabin.

The port & direct injection (8 injectors in total) engine is nothing to worry about; Al Futtaim Staff and Tetsuya Tada himself assured us that the engine is modified to reliably run on the local high sulfur content petrol. There might be a 15000km routine maintenance specially carried to keep the direct injection system running at peak performance.

Moving on to the specs: the car comes in four different trims, with the base trim being the only manual model. I uploaded for you the spec sheet in order to figure out the differences between each trim, click on the below image to access it:

The four trims are priced as follows: AED 95000 for the base & only manual trim, 100000 for base automatic without LSD, 115000 and 125000 respectively.

A TRD parts collection will be released later on during August most of the kit are cosmetic accessories with exception by far to a quad exhaust system and a front carbon fiber strut brace. I am trying to get a catalog list for these parts soon; in the meantime this is what the TRD version so far:

The fact that the car follows the ”blank canvas” philosophy as in being a car you can build a customize as you desire. It would be interesting to see how each driver customizes their ride to meet certain performance figures or criteria.

Finally, I didn’t show you how the car goes on the wet course. We pushed it flat out but this guy really was going fast without any careful maneuvering; otherwise you can get to the other side with driver aids switched on but I wont recommend it in a similar real life situation:


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