UAE RIDE: 1991 Nissan Figaro

We are talking about the one and only Nissan Figaro in the UAE and it is converted to Left Hand Drive.

The current owner kept the car for seven years so far but regrets the fact he neglected the car. Regardless we are looking at limited production car (some 20000 units) and this is perhaps one of the rare few that got their steering converted to the left side.

The Nissan Figaro was really something exotic back in the days; resembling a classic roadster design reborn on the modern platform of the Nissan Micra of that time. The car is not really powerful and would need a that 1.0 engine and 3 speed automatic gearbox replaced to get it going fast. The owner is ambitious about a drive-train swap; finding body, cosmetic and special mechanical parts would be a nightmare but this is not an everyday car.

I was hoping to shoot the car in daylight with a proper camera but I had no choice but to settle for the phone camera at night.


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