2012 Barrel Sprint, 2nd Round

The Barrel Sprint competition really did gain a significant interest among local and regional petrolheads. This is the 2nd run (the first run took place during last Friday’s Final UAE Drift round) and things seem to have gone quite well being the first and only barrel sprint event in the GCC.

The race course is quite straight forward, just spin around three barrels and come to a full stop at a gate on the other end. There is merely a chance to go beyond the 1st gear and a really fast or powerful car apparently won’t do you any justice but fortune favoured smaller cars with a short wheel base like the Renault Clios and a couple of Fiat 500. Regardless, it’s all about the drivers’ skill and how they manage to go through the course in the fastest time possible and this is what made Barrel Sprint really interesting.

Thumbs up for another entry level motorsport concept taking place the region; it really keeps our hopes up as it gives room for frustrated enthusiasts to breath and a potential future talent to get started somewhere. It seems like this year is just paving the way for some huge and significant activities during the next season as soon as summer fades away. I am not sure if we might be witnessing more complex barrel sprint courses next-time, fingers crossed.


One thought on “2012 Barrel Sprint, 2nd Round

  1. Good to see James Gilbert from Fuel Topia idea of the highly sucessfull Fuel topia Barrel sprint is now in dubai, we have been competing for the last two years here in the uk on the Fuel Topia Barrel Sprint, check out the uk cars and the uk competition.

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