The Future of Rear Wheel Drive

This is coming to focus especially because of the rumours that Chevrolet might kill its Rear Wheel Drive saloon line-up by 2020. Ford has the Mustang as their only RWD saloon once the Crown Victoria is completely out of production. GM’s Holden is still ambitious about maintaining the RWD V8 tradition but there are uncertain plans of whether their mainstream commodore (aka the Chevy Lumina) RWD is to be scrapped for a FWD.

This is a whole story about how car manufacturers are finding ways to keep costs down and fuel economy up. Front wheel drive domination will never stop as it is cheaper to build a FWD vehicle along with the added bonus of space, traction & safety since the whole drive-train is sitting in the front.

Apparently, the future being all about RWDs is strictly restricted to trucks, premium and performance/sports car segments so far. There are no high expectations or hope to ever see such layout on an average mainstream car anymore.

Up until now there is no certainty whether Rear-Wheel-Drive (as much as internal combustion engines) will die and it is unlikely to happen anytime soon but there is a massive shift in the market regardless and RWD lost its importance for quite sometime; up until now where we see a small revival: With Honda Releasing the NSX shows a sign of ambition, along with Toyota & Subaru’s 86/BRZ and Nissan’s attempt to expand its RWD line up by 2020 with plans to re-introduce a new Silvia. It is apparent that car-makers do value the small yet significant percentage of enthusiasts that enjoy a RWD layout. Car enthusiasts probably make up a 10% of the whole market.

We just hope that the communication gap between car marker and car enthusiasts will grow stronger. It is important to value efficiency, practicality & safety in a car but what is a car if it lost its essence?

Demotivational Mustang Live Axle


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